October Meeting – Demonstration

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At our October meeting Judy demonstrated by doing three arrangements in about half an hour. A lot of the material was picked from the roadside, her garden, even the golf course, along with some cut flowers. Watching Judy, there is always something to learn for our members. The arrangements were auctioned off at the end of the evening with the money adding to that night’s sales’ table.

Flower stations

At our meeting on Tuesday 1 September, members brought along greenery and flowers and a container and then took two steps to the left and began arranging someone else’s material. After 5 minutes, we had to move again and ended up having worked on 3 or 4 different arrangements. The results, as always were stunning. We all got to take home our container and arrangement but with the added bonus of having had others make it for us! An enjoyable evening.


Storm in a teacup

After the business of our June meeting, members set to designing and arranging in teacups. As always every arrangement was different, intriguing and      beautiful. Just goes to show that just when you thought there is nothing in the garden to pick, you can always come up with something!


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