From our homes in March 2020

Here’s a place for our members to share what they are doing in their homes in this period where we are apart from each other, but united in spirit.

IMG_0084 (1)

From Judy :”I just re-planted this succulent bowl last month.”







From Tricia: Just before the lockdown, I bought a few bunches from the bargain bin at New World Fendalton then added hosta, white hydrangeas, variegated ivy, hellebores leaves and white lilies.”


From Julia: “On Monday afternoon the shops were closing quickly and our lovely florist Fi, thrust this beautiful bunch into my hand, rather than see then wasted. It has my favourite, Lisianthus in the bunch.”



IMG_2337 From Mary B: “Florist delivery?”

image3Tricia’s Gloriosa superba, living up to its name.

IMG_0056 From Judy: “This is the lovely hydrangea that Merle Glasgow had. Dave Malcolm has propagated a number of plants from a piece and it is slowly finding its way into our members’ gardens.”